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I am pleased with President Donald Trump

By Scott Tibbs, February 3, 2017

I am surprised that I am writing this, but I am generally pleased with the first couple weeks of President Donald Trump's administration. I did not vote for him, I did not trust him, and I still do not trust him. He is still a deeply immoral man, filled with pride. I still do not believe he is a legitimate conservative.

But on issue after issue over the last couple weeks, Trump is has been great on policy and has taken consistent conservative positions. (The big exception is free trade, but I expected that.)

His past liberalism aside, I think Trump realizes who his enemies are and who his friends are. He will not appease his enemies by backing down or taking a more moderate approach, but he will annoy or anger his friends. Therefore, Trump is taking a more conservative approach and doubling down on fiscal and social conservatism, from the "global gag rule" de-funding the abortion industry to a federal hiring freeze.

I wish every Republican would learn this lesson. The Democrats will always oppose us, and will never support a Republican unless he renounces his party and joins them. So many Republicans want to "get along" and "cross the aisle" in the name of "bipartisanship" and being liked. It has never worked and will never work, at least at the national level. It is encouraging to see that Trump gets it.

Note, there are still serious problems with the President. Trump still has a scary authoritarian streak that is inconsistent with limited government and conservative principles. I still worry he will crack down on the free press. He is absolutely wrong on torture. Overall, however, I like what I have seen thus far.