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Responding to my critics

By Scott Tibbs, January 19, 2017

While my letter to the editor didn't generate as many comments as it would have under the old HTO comment system, it still generated a few. Here is my response to some of those criticisms.

Since I was basically called a liar on Planned Parenthood funding, let me be clear: I have never said that tax money was used to perform abortions, and I dare anyone to prove otherwise with the literal, word-for-word text of anything I have written. I have always maintained that regardless of how the tax money is spent, tax money should never go to an organization that kills babies made in the image of God.

There are plenty of other resources to provide birth control and the other "good" things Planned Parenthood does without funding this abominable organization.

Who made me in charge of others' morality? This is a silly question. All laws enforce morality. We enforce morality by banning littering, speeding, theft and a number of other things. We enforce morality by regulating pollution and enforcing basic workplace safety standards. The only way to not have government enforce morality is to have anarchy.

No one has to believe as I do, but we all have to obey the law. The Bible prohibits murder and theft, and it does not force others to believe as I do to have laws against those things. Killing babies in the womb is no different than murdering a newborn baby, a teenager or an adult in the eyes of God.

Dismissing my views because I am a man (which is amusing, given Leftists' embrace of transgenderism) is sexist and lacks any logical foundation. If a woman (or a "trans woman" for that matter) made the exact same arguments I did, then the logical merit of those arguments would not change. This is an ad hominem argument made by people who do not want to actually address arguments against abortion.

"If you are so strongly against abortion, by all means, do not have one."

The problem with that argument is it ignores the basic question about abortion: Either the fetus is a developing human being or it is not. If that fetus is a human person, then he/she should have the same protection under the law as every other human being. If not, then this is not a worry. I oppose smoking marijuana, but I do not think it should be illegal. I oppose abortion, and it should be illegal because it harms an innocent person.

It is completely absurd to argue that God is an abortionist, and unless you are going to argue murder should be decriminalized you really need to stop using that argument. Every single human being in the history of the universe has died or will die, without exception. Cancer does not justify drive-by shootings, and Ebola does not justify bombing a school. Grow up.

By the way, God gives us free will. That doesn't mean He doesn't command us to make certain things - murder, rape and theft - illegal.

Saying that abortion kills a baby is not inflammatory language. We all know what is going on here. Google the Center for BioEthical reform or Created Equal for photographic evidence.