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I have always opposed private school vouchers

Printed in the Herald-Times, November 20, 2017

To the Editor:

I oppose vouchers for private schools and have opposed vouchers for decades.

I have been falsely accused of "hypocrisy" in HTO comments and letters to the editor for opposing funds for Planned Parenthood and the ObamaCare birth control mandate, based on the fabricated claim that I support vouchers for private schools.

My reasons for opposing vouchers are clear: With government money comes government strings. Once you accept money from the government, you accept the restrictions that come with that money. Eventually, Christian schools will have to choose between their faith and money from the government.

As a graduate of a private Christian high school, I would hate to see young people today lose the opportunity I had due to meddling by government.

One final thing: Obviously there were bad people on both sides of World War II. Nazi maniac Adolf Hitler led Germany against Communist maniac Joseph Stalin and the Soviet Union. The USSR and Red China were each responsible for even more murders of innocent civilians than the Nazis were. It shows a staggering ignorance of history to pretend otherwise. We sided with one genocidal regime (the USSR) because the other one (Nazi Germany) was a more immediate threat.

Scott Tibbs.