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Russia did not "hack the election."

By Scott Tibbs, January 16, 2017

We have been hearing for months that Russia "hacked the election" and handed the election to Donald Trump. This did not happen, and it is incredibly irresponsible for Democrats and the media to continue spreading this fabrication.

Russia did not hack the election. There is absolutely no evidence that Russia tampered with any voting machines or software to sway the election one way or the other. This fearmongering against a nuclear superpower is reckless and dangerous, and it needlessly undermines Americans' faith in the integrity of our election.

Furthermore, we do not have a national election. We have hundreds of smaller elections, in counties all across these United States. In the state of Indiana alone, we had 92 elections. Because of the decentralized method of conducting our elections, it is basically impossible to hack a national election.

Here is what actually happened: Someone in Russia hacked the private e-mails of people within the Democratic Party and released them on the Internet. Voters, based on this information, made choices accordingly. Perhaps this information swayed the election to Trump. Perhaps it did not. But whether or not the leaked e-mails influenced voters' decisions, that leak does not constitute "hacking the election."