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Positives of President Trump

By Scott Tibbs, November 14, 2016

There is no question that I am very unhappy with the election of Donald J. Trump. We picked an orange-skinned buffoon who is wholly unqualified to be President. We picked a clown who is a complete moral degenerate. I just pray there are enough principled conservatives left in Congress to resist Trump's dangerous authoritarian impulses once he takes office. There are many reasons why Trump will be a disaster. However, let's try to look on the bright side for a moment.

It ought to be obvious to conservatives that Trump is not one of us. However, there will be many people within the administration who we can work with, starting with Mike Pence. Conservatives cannot possibly ask for a better #2 man than Mike Pence, who is not only a solid fiscal and social conservative but is a genuinely upstanding Christian and a devoted family man. There will be others, in the cabinet and down the administration who will listen to conservatives and will have some influence on Trump.

The Supreme Court is the big prize. If Trump nominates justices who simply interpret the law as written, we have an excellent chance of reversing some of the terrible decisions by activist Leftist judges who have been legislating from the bench. (The Supreme Court should not be the big prize, because SCOTUS has way too much power. It needs to be disciplined. That is another issue, though.)

Republicans have majorities in both the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate, so if they take the lead on policy and send good conservative legislation to Trump's desk he will probably sign it. We should be pressuring our legislators now to resist Trump's dark authoritarian impulses and present him with good legislation he can sign.

The power of the President to issue executive orders has often been abused, but Trump can do good here simply by reversing many of Obama's terrible orders. Trump should start with the transgender bathroom "voyeurism" mandate and reverse the mandate "interpreting" Title IX to strip away all due process rights for men accused of sexual assault on college campuses.

If there is one thing I like about Trump, it is his reluctance to engage in military interventionism. His approach is deeply flawed, but it will be refreshing not to have a bloodthirsty warmonger like Hillary Clinton getting us into one military conflict after another.

I am very glad that I stuck with being a #NeverTrump voter, and I am convinced Trump will be a disaster for the Republican Party and the nation. Republicans will get obliterated in 2018, but the worst danger is that Trump will destroy the last vestiges of the GOP as a small-government party oriented to individual liberty and states rights. If we have two big-government parties, with no loyal opposition, America is doomed. Our liberty cannot endure two parties that are openly hostile to limited government. That said, there are positives to a Trump presidency. Let's pray that the positives are big and the negatives are limited.