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Donald Trump and "locker room banter"

By Scott Tibbs, October 11, 2016

The tape of Donald Trump bragging about grabbing women, forcibly fondling their genitals, kissing them without their consent (all of which meets the legal definition of sexual assault) and trying to have sex with a married woman is 11 years old. However, I knew about the tape 30 years ago. How is this possible? Because I am cursed with discernment. I know who and what Donald Trump is. And here is a dirty little secret about the tape: Everyone else knew about it 30 years ago too.

You see, I know Trump's character and that is why I am not surprised. I expected this kind of thing to be revealed. If you say you are surprised, then you are a liar. Every single person who says he is "shocked" by the tape is a liar, and I am dead serious when I say "every single person."

Furthermore, if Trump loyalists are backing out now, after knowing this man's moral character for decades, they are two-faced, fork tongued hypocrites. This is absolutely not a surprise. This is not new. We have known for decades that Trump is a deeply sexually immoral man. Stop feigning ignorance about him and his depravity, you bunch of liars, cowards and hypocrites.

I have never been and will never be a Trump supporter. For those who are, his decades-long history of sexual immorality and debasement of women was well-known and well-documented. If that was not enough to prevent you from "supporting the nominee" when he won the primaries, then this new tape that reveals what we have known about the man for decades should not be enough to force you to end your support for him now. If it is, you are a liar, a hypocrite and a coward.

I also find it very interesting that some of the same people who wanted to throw Todd Akin overboard in 2012 because of his remarks about abortion and rape are now determined that the party must stick with Trump. While I can at least respect their consistency in their support of Trump, supporting him and not Akin is crazy. Now, let's be clear: What Akin said was stupid and ignorant. But Akin on his worst day was and is infinitely better than Trump on his best day.

What was "revealed" over the weekend (which, again, we all knew about 30 years ago) makes it clear that every single person who voted for Trump in the primaries effectively voted for Hillary Clinton to be President. Congratulations, because you are about to get what you voted for in the primary. You could have had any of over a dozen well-qualified, experienced candidates who are much more qualified, much more knowledgeable about policy and are not complete moral reprobates, but you had to vote with your "anger." Now you get to live with President Hillary Clinton.