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Can America survive Hillary?

By Scott Tibbs, September 20, 2016

Christians need to be careful in proclaiming doom and gloom, leaving room for the sovereignty, mercy and grace of God. We need to recognize that, ultimately, God is sovereign. We should keep this in mind as we consider our political campaigns.

I keep hearing from conservatives that America "cannot survive" four years of Hillary Clinton as President of these United States. This is not necessarily true, for a number of reasons. First, foremost and primarily, God is sovereign. If it is His will that America fall, then American will fall no matter who we elect as President and that is also true in the opposite direction.

We should not discount the role of the Holy Spirit, even if Clinton is elected. I had a fantasy a couple weeks ago that Clinton is elected President, and then in January she comes under the conviction of the Holy Spirit and accepts Jesus Christ as her savior. (Obviously, Mrs. Clinton is not a Christian.) At that point, her entire outlook on life and policy changes. We cannot deny the power of God to call Mrs. Clinton to His kingdom if He so chooses. If God can convert wicked king Manasseh of Judah, then He can convert Mrs. Clinton.

We should also consider the political ramifications of a Clinton presidency, even if God does not call her to salvation. We saw in 2010 and 2014 that a backlash against President Obama brought forth huge Republican victories at all levels of government. Clinton is far less popular than Obama was eight years ago and even many Democrats are holding their nose to support her. There will be a huge Republican wave election in 2018 if Clinton wins this year. Let's not forget that the real action in policy right now is at the state level, where "red state" governors have been implementing bold conservative reforms.

What we need to be doing as Christians is pray for Mrs. Clinton, that God will call her to salvation - for the benefit of her soul and this nation. We also need to pray that God raises up leaders to oppose her if she is elected, to frustrate her agenda. We need to trust God for the future of our nation and not fall into the sin of hopelessness and faithlessness. Almighty God is in control.