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"Why don't you write about something that matters?"

By Scott Tibbs, September 13, 2016

I get a question now and then about the subjects I choose to write about. Why do I choose this topic instead of that one? Why am I wasting space on this issue? Why am I not covering that important issue?

The answer is simple. I long ago accepted the reality I will never be a major pundit or political figure. I will never be a columnist, radio talk show host or TV personality, and I certainly will never turn this blog into my full-time job. So why do I still do what I do? This blog is a hobby. That does not mean I do not believe in the principles I advocate or the arguments I make, but I know what it this is and once I accepted that I enjoyed doing it more. Would it be nice to have a bigger audience? Sure. But sometimes it is what it is.

So to keep this enjoyable, and to keep my interest in doing it, I write about things that interest me. Ideally, I will have three posts every week. If I am really fired up about a number of things, then I may have five posts in a week. If you have something you think needs to be addressed that I am not addressing, you can set up your own blog, for free, at any number of places or post on social media.

Furthermore, I am a realist about my reach. The number of unique visitors to my blog is very small. I very rarely post anything about a hot topic until it is at least a few days old, so my the time my pre-scheduled post hits the blog at 4:00 a.m. there will be much less interest in the issue I am writing about. I am doing this because I have something I want to say. I don't expect I will have any unique insight into what is going on, even in issues that are about local government where I live.

So there you have it.