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What would Jesus do? He would shoot Harambe!

By Scott Tibbs, June 2, 2016

I am glad Harambe the gorilla is dead. This is not because I hate animals, but because a little boy made in the image of God is still alive and was not seriously injured by a massive 400 pound beast. The decision to kill Harambe was exactly what Jesus Christ would have done, and was a completely righteous, godly choice.

We need to get our heads out of Disney cartoons and realize what we are dealing with. Animals are not humans. We may anthropomorphize our pets, but even domesticated pets are animals and can be dangerous. With a wild animal like a gorilla, the danger is multiplied many times over - especially considering how powerful those animals are. The kill shot was absolutely the right thing to do and the only way to ensure the safety of that precious little child. Tranquilizing the gorilla would have taken too long and may have agitated him, putting the child in more danger.

The reason the kill shot was the only moral choice is because human beings are made in the image of God. Animals - including gorillas - are not. Therefore, what Almighty God expects in this situation is absolutely clear. The life of even the worst human being is infinitely more valuable than an animal's life because that human being carries the image of God.

So what about the child's mother? Was she guilty of negligence for losing track of her child? We do not know. If she is guilty, then Child Protective Services exists for a reason, and a reasonable investigation that protects her civil rights and follows due process is called for. But as a father myself, I am unwilling to pass judgment on her until I see some actual evidence. Children are fast and nimble, and can scurry away quickly. One need not be looking at a smartphone - dealing with a scraped knee or getting a child something to eat takes away the full attention from another child.

And let me be very clear here: If you are hurling death threats at a mother who almost saw her child killed by a gorilla, you are a sub-human puddle of slime and filth, and a worthless piece of garbage. That is a depraved and evil reaction. Can we at least wait for some actual facts to come out before the Social Media Outrage machine lynches this poor woman who has gone through a traumatic experience? What if it is found that she was not negligent in any way, and it was a combination of factors? Why did a single bystander not restrain the child, for that matter?

We have been told repeatedly that Black Lives Matter, but to people who are rebels against the authority Almighty God has placed in man over nature that is not the case. If black lives do indeed matter, why does the life of this black child not matter to the fools who argue the gorilla's life matters more? In fact, the attitude of "animal rights" jihadists is shockingly close to dehumanizing racist rhetoric. The Nazis said that Jews were rats, while the Ku Klux Klan compares blacks to apes and monkeys. Racists have always lowered the objects of their hate to the level of animals, showing their hate for the God who placed His image in man.

I am not that old. I am only 42. But there was a time, in my lifetime, that it would have been seen as laughable for people to be expressing grief and anguish (to say nothing of anger, outrage and hatred) over the killing of a gorilla to save the life of a little boy. This shows how far our society has fallen away from God, and shows that the wrath of God is already upon us. He has given us over to a depraved mind. There is yet hope for our formerly great nation, but only if God is merciful and sends the Holy Spirit to bring repentance for our wickedness and rebellion.