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Facing reality on "transgender" bathroom access

By Scott Tibbs, June 1, 2016

The demand for schools, private businesses and so forth to allow people to use the bathroom that does not correspond to their biological sex has nothing to do with civil rights or safety. This is about mandatory approval of a lifestyle. We are increasingly being told that we will approve of a choice and there will be consequences if we do not.

Let's lay down some biological facts here. No one is "assigned" a gender at birth. The sex is innate and the doctor simply documents what is visible. There is no such thing as a "trans man" or "trans woman." There are only men and women, with the sex given to them by nature. There are women living as men, and there are men living as women. But biologically, they are the sex they were born as, and will never change that.

The demand for mandatory approval does put women and girls at risk. Barack Obama has intentionally put women and girls in danger of rape and sexual abuse. No, this is not the end goal, but Obama is not stupid. He knows full well that this creates opportunities for predators. This is a completely acceptable trade off to our President, in order to advance his extreme-left cultural agenda. It is shameful.

Obama acted illegally with his requirement that every school in America allow biological males access to females' bathrooms. There is not one single word in federal law that gives biological men the right to use women's restrooms. This is not "sex discrimination." Obama has no legal authority to do this. He is acting like a king, not a President who implements laws passed by Congress.

Therefore, it is wrong for Congress to pass legislation to reverse Obama's illegal action. That is a pathetic, worthless move - especially since Obama will simply veto it and continue acting like a king. Even worse, that legitimizes Obama's abuse of power by assuming he has the legal authority to do this, which he most certainly does not. If Congress is serious about stopping Obama's abuse of power, they should move toward impeachment.

Wrapping this in the language of "civil rights" is laughable and would have been universally mocked and ridiculed as little as twenty years ago. The fact that it is not illustrates how far we have fallen as a culture. We have no hope of a political solution here. Our only hope is repentance and prayer that God will call our formerly great nation back to Him.