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Thank you, voters, for your confidence in me.

By Scott Tibbs, May 11, 2016

The results of the May 3 primary election in Indiana were very bad at the top of the ticket, but I fared well where I was on the ballot. I will be going to the Indiana Republican Party state convention in June after winning a spot in the primary. I was quite pleased with the finish. Obviously, the Ellingtons are the big names, while Paul White and Ann Collins were running elsewhere on the ballot countywide. Doug Bruce is a well-known local realtor who ran for city council in 2003, and I only finished 47 votes behind him.

First NameLast NameVotes
Jeff Ellington 2,660
Hope Ellington 2,007
Paul White, Sr. 1,515
Ann T. Collins 1,259
Doug Bruce 1,215
Scott Tibbs 1,168
Suzann M. Owen 1,163
Jennifer Mickel 1,046
Doug Bennett903
Patricia K. Parker 811
John P. Roberts 793
Marilyn L. Brinley 764
Doug Horn 749
Gene Moncel 717
Greg Knott 635
Douglas K. Parker 634
John W. Kirtland 610
Stephen C. Moberly 602
Alan Berg550
Marcia Lawlis Gero 519
Nick Ivey 491
AndrewRusch 432
Donna Disque 429
Morgan Parker 421
Doug Kayser 372
Billie P. Spellman 346
Glenn W. Gero 284

I also won my race for precinct committeeman 111 to 78, securing 58.7% of the vote. I won in a plurality in 2012.