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My general philosophy on voting

By Scott Tibbs, May 9, 2016

My general philosophy on voting is this: I will vote for every Republican on the ballot by default. If you are a Republican candidate for elective office you will get my vote. You do not have to convince me to vote for you, but you can convince me to vote against you. There are Republicans who have done that.

One way for a Republican to lose my vote is to take positions so drastically at odds with mine that I cannot in good conscience vote for him. Whether that is private property rights, abortion, gun control, or free speech, sometimes differences are far too great for me to support a Republican. This does not mean I have to agree 100% with any candidate. I will always vote for candidates with positions I disagree with unless I am voting for myself.

A Republican can also disqualify himself from getting my vote by being a moral degenerate. Being a serial philanderer, discarding his wife for a younger woman (especially more than once), attempting to bully elderly widows and steal their homes, employing violent thugs, or a general record of misogyny, thuggery, bullying, and vulgar public behavior can disqualify a candidate from getting my vote.

It is actually rare for me to vote for every single Republican on the ballot, because there is usually a candidate or two who has disqualified himself from getting my vote. I have never believed in 100% total party loyalty. I do, however, vote for the vast majority of Republicans running for office.