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Transgender bathrooms and abandoning reality

By Scott Tibbs, May 4, 2016

Is it really that difficult to understand that grown men should not be in a women's restroom? Apparently, we have abandoned basic biological facts for the feelings of an incredibly tiny minority. When North Carolina passed its infamous bathroom bill, Leftists around the country were infuriated. Major corporations threatened economic retaliation and condemnation rained down on social media.

First, we need to establish basic facts. Trans women are not women. They are men. If you are biologically male, you are a man down to your DNA. Mutilating yourself does not make you a woman.

Second, let's be clear: The North Carolina legislation was a reaction to an absurd "anti-discrimination" law in Charlotte that mandated private business allow men to use the women's restroom. Had the city of Charlotte not overreached, then the North Carolina state legislature would have had no reason to intervene. This was not crafted because some nasty old white Republicans woke up one day and decided to be mean to transgender people. This was crafted in response to the actions of radical Leftists in Charlotte.

Transgender activists complained that using the wrong restroom makes them uncomfortable or unsafe. So should we then completely ignore the comfort and safety of hundreds of millions of women and girls because a tiny percentage of the population feels uncomfortable and dysphoric if they are using the bathroom that corresponds to their biological sex? The reality is that we are going to make some people uncomfortable. It is fairly obvious that we should not be passing laws infringing on the privacy and safety of 50% of the population for the feelings of a tiny minority.

So why not just respect private property rights? If Target wants to allow men in women's restrooms, let them. Better yet, let's see Target put their money where their mouth is and retrofit their stores to provide private, lockable single stall bathrooms instead of multiple-stall public restrooms. Sure, this would be expensive and cause them to lose floor space, but if they are committed to their convictions then they should do it. Meanwhile, If another business wants people to use the bathroom that corresponds to their biological sex, let them. If you do not like the policies of one establishment, take your business elsewhere.

No, this is not the same as allowing businesses to not serve anyone of a specific class. No one is advocating that business totally refuse service to transgenders, only that they should have the right to require men to use the men's restroom. If they do not like that policy, they can shop elsewhere. This way, no one's rights are violated and no one is forced to do anything. But transgender activists have no interest in a "live and let live" philosophy. They and their allies demand forced acceptance of transgenderism, meaning that businesses must be forced to allow men into women's restrooms. This is what the North Carolina state legislature reacted against.

I've been accused of "oppressing" transgenders and "forcing my views" on them for stating the biological fact that "trans women" are not women but are, in fact, men. This is silly. Me speaking the truth is not oppressing anyone, nor is it forcing anyone to live in a certain way. If transgenders and their allies do not like what I say, they are free to either completely ignore me or disagree with me. (I am still right.) And I have never once advocated any sort of violence against any transgender person. Any claim to the contrary is a lie.

Is biological fact really that offensive? Have we completely abandoned reality, to be totally governed by what we feel at the time? Apparently we have.