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Yes, I do blame Trump's voters

By Scott Tibbs, February 12, 2016

I have made no secret of my disdain for Donald Trump, both personally and as a political candidate. It is tempting to condemn Trump while giving his voters a pass, and it is understandable why many would not want to alienate Trump's voters. After all, we will need them to vote for the Republican nominee if Trump indeed loses. But we cannot separate Trump from the Trumpsters who have fully bought into this fraudulent cult of personality.

Look, all of the evidence is there for why no conservative should ever support Donald Trump. He has been repeatedly exposed as a radically pro-abortion gun grabber who uses government as a Mob enforcer to steal other people's property. The truckloads of money Trump has donated to extreme-Left Democrats has been well-documented. It is more than obvious that Trump's conversion to "conservative" positions is a complete and total fraud. Trump is an authoritarian egomaniac who will start abusing the power of the Presidency the minute he takes the oath of office.

So why do so many people support him? Oh, he's politically incorrect and he refuses to apologize. Basically, his entire appeal is that he is a jerk and a loudmouth. I understand being frustrated with the mealy-mouthed politicians who have to focus group everything, but that does not in any way justify supporting a charlatan who has spent his whole life fighting against the very causes that we conservatives hold dear. Supporting Trump because you do not like political correctness is the equivalent of troll spewing vulgarities on Twitter because he thinks it is "edgy."

That Trump was ever a viable candidate for the Republican nomination for President is a sign of severe problems both for the party and the conservative movement as a whole. This has been apparent for quite a while, as conservatives have latched onto various celebrities who are clearly not prepared to be any kind of leader in the movement. If we're serious about advancing our agenda, we have to be serious in the leaders we select to advance that agenda.