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Evan Bayh is a carpetbagger

By Scott Tibbs, July 19, 2016

Here's an interesting article from bizjournals.com, published on May 28, 2015:

Bayh formally known to the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue as Birch Evans Bayh III and his wife, Susan, paid $2.9 million for a four-bedroom home on N Street Northwest in Georgetown in March.

The former Democratic senator from Indiana, now a partner at the K Street office of McGuireWoods, said he would have been just as happy staying in Spring Valley. But with their two kids off to college, the big six-bedroom, Georgia-style brick home was more than the couple needed.

"Carpetbagger: Someone who tries to be elected as a politician in a place away from their home because they think there is a greater chance of succeeding there."


That describes Evan Bayh perfectly. He's been living out of the state of Indiana for years. He is a Washington DC lobbyist. His home is Washington, DC, not Indiana. Bayh only coming back to Indiana because he smells an opportunity, and because he wants to buy a U.S. Senate seat with the $9 million in unspent campaign cash from his previous time in the Senate.