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End the culture war against Christians in Bloomington

By Scott Tibbs, October 26, 2015

Note: This is the text of the speech I delivered at the October 24 Rally for Life event in Bloomington.

Thank you to everyone who is attending this event, and thank you for showing that there are many in this community that value human life and seek to protect innocent human life in the womb. Thank you for showing that there are many here that oppose the Bloomington City Council's wasteful and politically-motivated votes to give corporate welfare to Planned Parenthood.

My name is Scott Tibbs and I am a write-in candidate for Bloomington City Council, at-large. If you live anywhere inside city limits, you can vote for me. I will not be on your ballot, so you will need to write in "Scott Tibbs" in the at-large portion of your ballot. But because I am an official candidate, those votes will count.

I stand before you today in response to horrific and shocking revelations about Planned Parenthood, and I am calling on the Bloomington City Council to stop funding an organization that corrupts our youth sexually, murders babies made in the image of God and sells their victims' body parts for money.

Planned Parenthood corrupts our youth sexually by promoting sadomasochistic sex practices to teenagers, enabling sexual abuse and exploitation by giving birth control to teens under the age of consent, encouraging promiscuity and all manner of deviant sexual practices - all encouraged by your government at all levels. This must stop.

That Planned Parenthood murders babies made in the image of God is self-evident to anyone who has ever seen pictures of aborted babies. You can see the photographic evidence for yourself at CBRinfo.org/abortion-photos. While Planned Parenthood and their apologists try to deny the selling of body parts, let's be real here. When you give something to someone and they give you money in exchange, you are selling that thing. No amount of spin about "donations" or "covering costs" will obscure this plain and simple truth.

City government's repeated endorsements of Planned Parenthood must end. If the city council wants to give money to Planned Parenthood, they should do so from their own pockets. It is wrong to use the power of the state to forcibly confiscate our wealth to give it to an abortion mill. If the city council wants to make a public statement, they should do it as private citizens instead of forcing it on all of us by officially speaking as a legislative body.

If you want to oppose this, then write in "Scott Tibbs" for Bloomington City Council, at-large.