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Latest insanity from the Left: Abolish the family

By Scott Tibbs, May 25, 2015


Taking radical egalitarianism to an absolutely absurd extreme, one radical academic is actually musing that in order to increase equality, we should consider abolishing the family. (I shared some especially frightening quotes from the article on social media.) You see, it is simply not fair that some children grow up with intact families who provide an education, training in manners, and various other things. Some children don't have these advantages, so it is not fair that others do.

Waah. Let me get my violin.

If we lived in a sane world, people like Adam Swift would be laughed at, mocked and ridiculed by everyone until they were too humiliated to ever say something that stupid ever again. Sadly, we do not live in a sane world, because this idiot is actually a college professor. It is true that in order to believe some things that are just outrageously stupid, you have to be "educated" at a modern university, and Swift (who is really not all that swift) is a perfect example of this phenomenon.

Look. True egalitarianism is impossible. Even if we were to embrace this Stalinist proposal, we would still not have complete equality. This is because people are different. Men and women are different, and each individual is different. Even if I dedicated myself at a young age to being the best basketball player I could possibly be given my natural ability, I would never be as good as LeBron James. I would never play in the NBA or Division 1 college basketball. Is it "unfair" that I topped out at 5'10" while James is 6'8"? No. It's life.

In a sane world, the question would not be how to take away "unfair" advantages from "privileged" children and morons who propose anything of the sort would be shamed into silence. The question would be how we help disadvantaged children who are growing up in poverty and broken homes. Instead of pulling down the top (which ultimately does not, cannot and will never benefit those at the bottom) we should be looking at how to help those at the bottom. For example, what can we do to motivate all parents to read to their children?

But, you see, Communists are not interested in prosperity for everyone. They are interested in "fairness" and "equality" by any means necessary. One only need to look at the tens of millions of dead bodies left in the wake of tyrants like Stalin and Mao to see how far Communists are willing to go to enforce their evil agenda. Swift is just another in a long line of evil men advancing this completely discredited and genocidal agenda.

He must never be allowed to succeed.