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Public life, private life and troll questions

By Scott Tibbs, May 1, 2015

With the latest trolling "question" making the rounds of Republican candidates for President, Leftists need to make a decision. Either someone's private life is private, or someone's private life is public. Which is it?

Back in the 1990's, we heard the Left defend President Clinton in the midst of the Lewinsky scandal by saying it was a "private matter" and it was "only about sex." Taking that premise as true for the sake of argument, is it not extremely hypocritical for Leftists and the news media to demand that Republicans answer a "question" about whether they would attend the same-sex wedding of a loved one?

I guess all of this defense of privacy and private choices in someone's private life only goes one way. The special pleading and hypocrisy is embarrassing - or would be, if the Left had any shame.

If I was running for President, here is how I would answer:

Why are you asking me this? What does this have to do with the responsibilities of the office I am seeking?

We have seen our national debt explode to unprecedented levels to the point that it threatens the global economy. The economic recovery has been anemic at best. We have government officials at all levels regularly violating the basic civil rights of American citizens under the premise of keeping us "safe." We have an increasinly unstable Middle East that presents a national security threat.

Why are you not asking me about those things, since that is what I would actually deal with as President?

This is a troll question, nothing more. You have no interest in informing your audience. You only want to stir things up. You are engaged in journalistic malpractice and you should be ashamed of yourself.