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If you want me to shut up about abortion, prove me wrong.

By Scott Tibbs, December 1, 2015.

Blaming "harsh rhetoric" from abortion opponents for the mass murder in Colorado shows that "pro-choice" activists and politicians are terrified to debate the actual issue.

Abortion is either the unjustifiable killing of a human being or it is not. Abortion is either murder or it is not. If it is not, then harsh rhetoric opposing abortion should be rejected because it is simply not true. If abortion is murder, then there is virtually no rhetoric that can be used against abortion (short of calling for extrajudicial violence against abortion providers) that can be deemed too harsh.

If abortion rights supporters want me to silence my anti-abortion rhetoric, then they need to show me why I am scientifically and factually wrong and that abortion does not kill a baby. If I am proven wrong, not only will I not speak against abortion, but I will repudiate everyone who does.

But I am not wrong. The unborn baby is a human being and abortion is murder. The "pro-choice" side fears debating on scientific or factual grounds. They want to browbeat and blackmail us into silence. But I will not shut up and I will not stop speaking against the horror of abortion.