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Political Correctness endorses man-on-woman violence

By Scott Tibbs, October 3, 2014

If only Baltimore Ravens star player Ray Rice had publicly declared himself to be a "transgender" woman, perhaps he would still have a job after brutally knocking out his fiancé, Janay Palmer.

Female MMA fighter Tamikka Brents recently suffered a broken eye socket that required seven staples, as well as a concussion due to a violent beating by her opponent - a man named Fallon Fox. While Fox claims to be a woman - and has had himself surgically mutilated - he is in fact a man. As a man, he has definite (and unfair) advantages against a woman in a sport like mixed martial arts.

Put aside for a moment the morality of transsexualism. If someone chooses to live as the opposite of their natural sex, that is one thing. It is something altogether different for a man (with all of the physical advantages being a man brings to hand-to-hand combat) to dishonestly pretend to be a woman and then brutally beat and injure a legitimate woman who was expecting to fight a woman rather than a man.

It shows how absurd our society has come that we are actually having a debate about this. In a time when we were sane, Fox would have been permanently banned from competing in MMA fights as a woman. There would have been no question about the propriety of his behavior. Again, setting aside the morality of transsexualism, it is simply unsafe to pit a woman against a man in a mixed martial arts fight.

It is sad that we as a society have gone so far over the edge, and that we have become so pathetic, that we refuse to recognize and name the plain and obvious truth: Fallon Fox is a man, not a woman.