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By Scott Tibbs, September 03, 2014

♣ - The problem with the illegal "preponderance of the evidence" standard the Obama regime is pushing in college sexual assault investigations is that due process requires that the traditional "beyond a reasonable doubt" standard be used in investigating allegations. This is why there are a number of lawsuits against universities for violating due process rights of the accused. Let's not destroy civil liberties in fight against rape as we already have in the War on Drugs.

♣ - Speaking of the fight against rape culture, assuming that all men are sexual predators (which is implied in the statement "teach men not to rape") helps no one. When you lump all men in the category of sexual predator as some feminists have done, you only manage to shut down a needed dialogue about consent and basic respect for women.

♣ - OK, let me get this straight. Victor White shot himself in the back, while handcuffed? In the patrol car? After he had been patted down and arrested? Really? Do the Louisiana State Police actually expect anyone to believe this?

♣ - Government officials in Rotherham should read Leviticus 20 and be terrified of the wrath of Almighty God.

♣ - From the Washington Post: "Attack ads have their plus sides." I've written about this subject before, defending negative campaigning and arguing that in some cases candidates for office have an obligation to go negative. People love to complain about negativity, and candidates love to whine about it when they are attacked, but negative campaigning serves a crucial role in our electoral system. Most importantly, negative and dirty are not the same.

♣ - Do militant homosexuals want equal rights or special rights? It sure looks like the latter.

♣ - As much as I respect Thomas Sowell, he misses the point regarding police militarization. The real problem in police militarization is not armored vehicles more appropriate for a battlefield than an American city, but with the "promiscuous use of SWAT teams" against nonviolent civilians. Riots, hostage situations and barricaded suspects (which is what SWAT teams are supposed to be for) are rare, but paramilitary raids to stop some stoners from lighting up doobies are not.

♣ - I tried the Twinkies with the "blue raspberry" filling and I have to wonder what Hostess was thinking with that particular color combination. The colors combine to look like something you do not want to see on your Twinkie.