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Universities making Christian faith mean nothing

By Scott Tibbs, June 20, 2014

Would it make sense for a university to force the college Democratic club to accept a Republican activist as an officer, even as he is actively going door to door and making phone calls for Republican candidates? Should the campus abortion-rights group be forced to accept a pro-life activist as an officer, while he is actively picketing the local abortion clinic each week? Should a black student union be forced to have a white racist as an officer? Of course, all of that would be silly, but for some colleges, forcing Christian groups to have officers opposed to the group's theological commitments is a reasonable and "compassionate" thing to do.

Freedom of association necessarily includes the freedom not to associate, and freedom of religion means that campus Christian groups should be able to restrict leadership to those people who agree with the group's theological commitments. It is illegal for state universities to violate either liberty protected under our Constitution, but many college administrators are lawless rebels. It is never surprising when those who refuse to submit to the proper authority over them are then tyrants over people under their authority - and this is true in all aspects of life.

What these colleges and universities are doing is forcing Christian groups to accept the administration's values and subvert their own. This is because of an alleged commitment to "diversity," but this "diversity" is a fraud and a lie. If you step outside of what these lawless rebels narrowly define as "diversity" then you are punished, censured and censored. When no dissent is permissible in pursuit of "diversity," that "diversity" is a lie. Administrators have abandoned the very foundation of modern American education in order to force their narrow agenda on everyone.

The solution to this is simple. Any state university found to be violating the freedom of conscience or freedom of association rights of any student group should see state funding cut or eliminated. Congress should move to end federal funding for any university violating freedom of conscience or freedom of association, and the fifty state legislatures should do the same. The power of the purse strings is the most effective way to terrorize state schools into respecting the Constitution and submitting to the authority of the nation's founding document.