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Jahi McMath and an unexplained bloodlust

By Scott Tibbs, February 7, 2014

It is difficult to understand the bloodlust in the case of Jahi McMath. Why are so many people so determined to see this young woman murdered? Why is it that so many people ferociously advocate for the death of this teenage girl? It is a very strange case.

As I consider other cases we deal with in our death-obsessed culture, I can understand the motivation for wanting the option to end life to be legally available. It is understandable why people would want abortion to be legal, so that a baby would not change in their lifestyle - and there is nothing in this world that will force you outside of your selfish world than caring for a baby.

I can understand why people would want to be allowed to either take a loved one off life support or even outright murder that person. There can be life insurance benefits or a desire to be free of responsibility. I also understand not wanting a loved one to suffer and not wanting extraordinary measures.

But why the deranged bloodlust in Jahi's case? Why do so many people want her dead, and why do they viciously attack those who defend this precious little girl?

As the legal battle over whether to keep a "braindead" pregnant woman in Texas alive was winding down, I made a comment on Twitter that I wished little Jahi was being treated at that hospital, instead of the so-called "hospital" determined to murder her. Given the eruption of rage that followed, you would think I had called for another Nazi Holocaust. (See here and here and here and here.)

Again, I understand the arguments of those who argue for the right to die with dignity, for compassion's sake. No one wants to see a loved one suffer. No one wants to see extraordinary measures taken that only prolong suffering for a loved one. We want to have the choice to refuse extraordinary treatment, for ourselves or those in our care. If the hospital wanted to keep Jahi alive and the family wanted to end extraordinary treatment it would be a different story.

But in the case of Jahi, the family wanted to continue her care. It is the so-called "hospital" that was obsessed with murdering her. Is it not the entire purpose of ObamaCare that people would not be denied health care? (That is not the case, but let's pretend it is.) Why such hatred and rage over allowing the family to make health care decisions for their daughter? Where is the respect for parental rights? Why such insensitivity and outright hatred for the McMath family, referring to Jahi as "the corpse" or "the body" instead of as a little girl made in the image of Almighty God?

This case literally terrifies me, as the father of two sons. I do not want a "hospital" deciding that one of my sons needs to die if (God forbid) something terrible were to happen to one of them. That decision should be made by me and my wife - not a "hospital" and certainly not an ObamaCare bureaucrat. Have we slipped so far into the culture of death that we are literally cheering a so-called "hospital" in its efforts to murder a little girl over the family that is literally begging and pleading for her life?