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Topless protests: This is a thing now? Really?

By Scott Tibbs, January 3, 2013

Twice in the last month, I have come across articles about topless "feminists" disrupting Catholic services, including getting topless in the middle of a Christmas service and having a screaming fit in front of the congregation. What exactly are these "feminists" trying to accomplish with these juvenile stunts?

If they are trying to advance the cause of abortion rights, they failed. No one is going to be convinced that abortion should be legal because a bunch of screeching harpies are exposing their breasts and making a nuisance of themselves. Many on their own side will be embarrassed by their behavior, and it will strengthen the resolve of people on the anti-abortion side. So what is the point of doing this?

The point is to be offensive. Basically, these "feminists" are live-action internet trolls. (At least I can admire the fact that they aren't hiding behind a pseudonym and a computer screen.) The point is to insult Catholics' faith and make them angry and offended. The harpies even bragged on their website that they ruined Christmas for people at the service where the woman had a topless tantrum. (It will take a lot more than that to ruin Christmas.)

This is ridiculous. If these harpies want to make a statement about abortion rights, they need to do it in an intelligent and civilized manner, instead of acting like children screaming in the store because their mommy won't buy them a toy. They are not worthy of being included in a serious debate about the legality of or restrictions on abortion.