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The never-ending Creationism vs. Evolution debate

Bloomington Herald-Times, December 4, 2014 (Comments)

To the Editor:

It has been interesting to read all of the creationism vs. evolution letters over the last couple months, but it is also interesting how some Christian beliefs get a pass while others do not. The central belief in the Christian faith is that God sent His Son to die a horrible, agonizing death on behalf of mankind, because of man's sin against God.

From a human perspective, this is far more insane than the idea that an almighty God created the earth from nothing in six days. Yet people who express this "insane" viewpoint - from Barack Obama and Bill Clinton on down - get a pass that young-earth creationists do not get. Why is that?

Furthermore, politicians who hold to this "insane" belief about the death of Christ for man's sins will rush to assure us they "believe in science" when it comes to evolution. But what they are really saying is "I am not one of those inbred hillbillies in Appalachia who has no education."

The Biblical account of creation is so hated, despised and ridiculed in today's society that I believe it is a confessional issue for Christians. You either believe the Bible or you do not.

Scott Tibbs.