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Shameful corporate welfare to Planned Parenthood

Bloomington Herald-Times, October 29, 2014 (Comments)

To the Editor:

It is shameful that the Monroe County Council voted once again (on October 14) to give corporate welfare to Planned Parenthood. Despite the fact that $75,000 in requests were denied by the council, the Democrats decided it was necessary to give $4,500 to the local abortion "clinic."

Planned Parenthood does not need this money. The national organization reported a budget surplus of $11,700,000 in its most recent fiscal report. The national organization plus all state affiliates reported over $1,200,000,000 in revenue during that same period. Meanwhile, truly local organizations are being left out in the cold so the Democrats on the county council can abuse the community service grant process to make a political statement.

Even though this money does not go to abortion "services," pro-life taxpayers object to being forced to subsidize an organization we consider to be morally abhorrent. If the Democrats want to fund PP, they should be pro-choice and do so from their own pockets.

Thank you to Marty Hawk and Ryan Langley for voting against this handout, which passed 5-2. Two of the councilors who voted for this handout, Shelli Yoder and Rick Dietz, are up for re-election on November 4. Both should be defeated.

Scott Tibbs.