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Judy Sharp should apologize for wasting tax money

Bloomington Herald-Times, August 19, 2014 (Comments)

To the Editor:

The comments section for John Kirtland's July 24 letter is a sad reflection on the state of modern politics. Hyper-partisan defenders of Judy Sharp did everything they could to defend her irresponsible and wasteful decision to spend tax money so her employees could stay at a hotel in Brown County for a conference.

Keep in mind that many people commute that same distance to Monroe County to work every single day, including over 3500 from Lawrence County, over 2900 from Greene County and over 2200 from Owen County. See Geoff McKim's blog post at http://bit.ly/1qH77c7 for more.

According to Google Maps, the trip to Nashville takes about a half hour. See http://goo.gl/rfmtZG for more. Employees should be trained, but there was no need to stay in a hotel.

There is simply no way to justify this. Sharp should apologize for this abuse of her authority and reimburse county government for this waste of money.

Why was this revealed to Herald-Times readers in a letter to the editor instead of a news report? The Herald-Times' stubborn refusal to cover this scandal was a betrayal of this community's trust. The news media is supposed to hold government accountable, not cover up scandals.

Scott Tibbs.