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An evil injustuce by Judge Teresa Harper

By Scott Tibbs, December 5, 2012

A woman murders her disabled 25-year-old daughter in a slow and agonizing manner by starvation and neglect. What do you think she deserves? Life in prison? Judge Teresa Harper would not agree. Harper decided this barbaric crime merits just over two years behind bars. That's right, only two years for murder.

Let's examine the crimes of Dorothy Axsom:

In May of 2006, Casey Axsom died from starvation at a home on Weimer Road where she lived with her mother. Completely disabled by cerebral palsy and epilepsy, she was not ambulatory and could not care for herself.

She weighed just 50 pounds when she died. An expert in the care of endangered adults consulted during the investigation said the Axsom case represented the worst case of neglect he had seen in 20 years. The coroner who conducted the autopsy said Casey Axsom had experienced “severe starvation for some time.”

Police reports indicate the woman had deep, open bed sores and was emaciated when she died.

Source: Bloomington Herald-Times.

The prosecutors decided on a lesser charge, thinking that they could not get a conviction for murder. That may or may not have been a good decision. However, there is no legitimate reason to suspend ten years of Axsom's 16 year prison sentence. That is a wicked injustice and an abomination in the eyes of Almighty God.

I understand that it is difficult to care for someone who is completely dependent on you, especially if that person is an adult. If Axsom was overwhelmed, there are resources she could have used to care for her daughter. One option was making her daughter a ward of the state and letting the taxpayers care for her - an abdication of her responsibility as a "mother" to be sure, but far better than torturing this poor woman to death.

This is the other end of the spectrum of the pro-life movement - the murder of the disabled. The sad thing is this is not an isolated incident. We are going to see more and more of this evil, especially as ObamaCare is implemented.

Yes, ObamaCare. I'm reluctant to bring it up as some will see this as making this tragic crime a political issue, but we need to be honest as we are approaching the inevitable death panels in the Affordable Care Act. The very name of the legislation reveals the dark and sinister forces behind it and the murders that ObamaCare will soon mandate.

The vast majority of health acre dollars are spent in the last days of someone's life, and there is concern about that being "affordable." Soon, the right to die with "dignity" will become a duty to die so we are not burdens on our children. After all, the adults who were fed, clothed, changed and loved by their parents should never have to return that kindness and obey the commandments of Almighty God in Exodus 20:12. We live in frightening times.