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The most important issue in every election

By Scott Tibbs, December 3, 2012

The Republican establishment did its best to make the 2012 election about "jobs and the economy" and tried hard to avoid discussing social issues. Meanwhile, the Democrats campaigned hard on social issues and painted the GOP as "extreme" with little to no response from the Republicans.

I pointed out on November 20 that abortion is not a losing issue for Republicans. I made the point in October that the real extremists on abortion are the Democrats, especially with Barack Obama leading that party. Republicans will never win a national election without the Christian conservative base. But there is a more basic and fundamental reason why the GOP must not ever compromise on protecting innocent life.

It is simply the right thing to do.

We have had fifty million legal abortions since 1973. Fifty million innocent human beings have been murdered in forty years, and the murders have been protected by a corrupt legal system.

The motivating factor for the people who are active in the pro-life movement is not winning elections or gaining political power - the goal is to stop a mass murder campaign that is unprecedented in human history. We will not give up, and we will not stop fighting, no matter how the political winds change on this issue. The lives lost are too precious and the atrocity is too severe to give up our efforts to protect those lives.

This is why I do not care what the Republican establishment wants regarding abortion. I do not care if the Republican establishment wants to push social issues to the side in a politically suicidal attempt to appeal to "moderate" voters. When thousands of babies are being murdered every single day, there is no issue that even comes close.