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No corporate welfare for Planned Parenthood

By Scott Tibbs, November 19, 2012

The following is an open letter to the Monroe County Council. See my post from earlier this year with links to other articles I have written about the repeated grants to Planned Parenthood.

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From: Scott Tibbs <tibbs1973@yahoo.com>
Sent: Saturday, November 10, 2012 9:42 PM
To: vkelson@co.monroe.in.us; rlangley@co.monroe.in.us; mhawk@co.monroe.in.us; henegareads@co.monroe.in.us; rdietz@co.monroe.in.us; gmckim@co.monroe.in.us; councilorthomas@gmail.com
Subject: No corporate welfare for Planned Parenthood


I am writing you once again to oppose the grant request for Planned Parenthood of Indiana. I was very encouraged a year ago when PP was not invited to present to the social services funding committee, and further encouraged when the City Council, for the first time since 1999, actually rejected Planned Parenthood's request for a handout. I hope this marks a new era in fiscal responsibility for local government.

First, let's get to the real reason Planned Parenthood is asking for another $5,000 handout from county government - they are seeking a political endorsement. Planned Parenthood does not need the money. Not only does the national office as well as all PP affiliates combine for a healthy profit (and have for many years) Planned Parenthood of Indiana reported 15,292,802 in total revenue and 14,947 ,209 in total operating expenses - more than enough to cover a $5,000 grant for the Bloomington branch.

The fact of the matter is that there are legitimately local charities that do not have the backing of a national corporation that have requested money from you. These legitimately local charities are much more in need of your limited funds for community service grants than Planned Parenthood, and every time PP gets a grant from local government they are denying the funds to truly local charities. This is cynical political gamesmanship at its worst.

Yes, Planned Parenthood does some good things. They also murder babies every Thursday. Because of this, many of the people who pay your salary as a county councilor have deep moral objections to having their money confiscated by force and given to people who murder babies, even when that money is not going directly to the murders committed every week, just four blocks south of the Monroe County Courthouse. When you factor in the fact that Planned Parenthood does not need this money, it is even more egregious.

Thank you for your time.