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Monroe County voters are stupid

By Scott Tibbs, November 12, 2012

Steve Saulter's election as county auditor proves the voters are stupid, and deserve whatever they get. Saulter is Amy Gerstman's the first financial deputy - there is simply no way this mess happened without him knowing about it.

This is why administrative positions should not be elected, because the voters are too stupid to pick them. Well, congratulations, morons. You have the government you deserve.

This is not just sour grapes because my party did not win. While I disagree with the election results for state senate, county council or county commissioner, I do not look down on Monroe County voters for their votes and I do not think those votes mean the voters are stupid. Those are policy-making positions.

Obviously, the voters disagreed with the policy positions of Dallas, Daley, Mickel, Ellison, Shaffer and Newlin. That's fine. As Republicans, we have to convince them our policies are better for Monroe County and the state of Indiana, and we have thus far failed to do so. Right now they disagree with us, and they have the right to pick whoever they want.

County auditor is different. The auditor does not make policy. The only qualification is whether he or she can balance the books. Steve Saulter cannot. He is not qualified. I do not care what the auditor's political positions are if they can balance the books - I do not agree with Vivien Bridges on all of her positions on public policy, but she is experienced and qualified. Saulter is not.

But the voters chose Saulter, because he is in the same party as Barack Obama. That's just stupid.