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My thoughts on the 2012 election

By Scott Tibbs, November 8, 2012

The re-election of Barack Obama is obviously a big disappointment and there are ominous signs about the future, especially as it relates to religious freedom. We're moving toward being more of a welfare state, with annual budget deficits of well over $1 trillion for the foreseeable future. We cannot afford to continue on this path. The tea party movement will need to step up even more, electing more conservatives to the House and Senate.

A lot of people will complain abut the tea party, but we should remember that 2010 would never have happened without it. When the Republican establishment was depressed and on the verge of giving up, the tea party movement led the charge against Obama and his reckless and irresponsible spending.

Republicans managed to pick the most moderate candidate of the 2012 pack and we lost. Fortunately, we have a few good candidates lined up already for 2016, starting with Paul Ryan. Governors Scott Walker of Wisconsin and Mitch Daniels of Indiana are excellent choices as well, along with governor-elect Mike Pence. Rick Santorum should try again too, because he came so close with so little.

Republicans cannot continue to lose Hispanics by the margins we lost in 2008 and 2012. This does not mean that we embrace amnesty but we are going to have to soften our stance on immigration. (This is good policy anyway. If not for immigration we would have a declining population - meaning we are a nation in decline.) Many Hispanics are socially conservative and will be with us on those issues.

Furthermore, if we managed to reduce the Democrats' dominance of the black vote to even 70% we will have a national majority. Democrats know this, which is why they fight it tooth and nail. Many blacks are with us too, especially on social issues like the protection of marriage. The fact that abortion has decimated the black population is another opening for Republicans - why vote for the party that is killing so many black babies?

The 2012 election looks very bad, nationally. Barring a miracle election in 2014, all hope of repealing ObamaCare is gone and Obama will stand against any and all efforts to restore fiscal sanity. We have very dark days ahead if we continue down this path. But as bad as it looks, we have to keep fighting and have faith that this country will be spared the coming disaster.