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Do not retain a child murderer as judge

By Scott Tibbs, November 6, 2012

Among the questions before Hoosiers today is whether John G. Baker (so-called "Judge" of the Court Of Appeals Of Indiana, First District) should be retained in office. The answer is simple: Vote "No!" Baker is a child murderer and should not be allowed to continue holding his position.

That's a shocking claim, isn't it? That a sitting judge is a child murderer? Am I making things up?

Sadly, I am not. You see, it has been thirty years since a Down Syndrome baby was born in Bloomington Hospital. In addition to his genetic disorder, "Baby Doe" had a much more serious and immediate condition: His esophagus did not connect to his stomach. Obviously, this is fatal, but it could be corrected with emergency surgery. The "parents" said no. They did not want a Down Syndrome baby, so they decided to murder their child.

Over a dozen offers poured in to adopt this little boy. Ronald Reagan and his attorney general intervened to try to save Baby Doe's life. The parents could have allowed their son to be given a good home by any of the families who wanted to adopt him, and his life could have been spared. No, their bloodlust would not be satisfied if their son was allowed to live. Baby Doe needed to die and "Judge" Baker refused to allow him to be saved.

Baby Doe survived for six agonizing days before he finally died and his suffering ended. It would have been far kinder to throw Baby Doe onto the floor and stomp him to death. His suffering would have been over in minutes instead of six days. At least then the government would have been willing to bear the sword and avenge Baby Doe's murder.

Baby Doe never got a chance to live, because he was was brutally tortured to death. He was denied a chance at life by his evil "parents" and a thoroughly corrupt so-called "judge" who refused to show compassion on this precious little boy. Baby Doe is dead because a so-called "judge" rebelled against the authority of Almighty God and stubbornly refused to protect the innocent. "Judge" Baker should not only be thrown out of office. He should be in prison.