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Obama tells people they may not smoke in their own home

By Scott Tibbs, November 5, 2012

We have gotten used to the idea that you cannot smoke in "public places," but now the government has taken it a step farther: You may not smoke in your own home. This is thanks to a new push from the Obama regime.

People living in subsidized housing in Fort Wayne have to agree not to smoke in the common areas of their apartment buildings, near the entrances or even in their own apartments. They have until January 1 to agree to this provision.

Banning smoking in government buildings is a good idea - there is no reason that people should be required to be exposed to secondhand smoke when they go to a government building to conduct business. I've railed against bans on smoking in "public places" on property rights grounds, but this is a whole new ballgame. The Obama regime is now telling you that you may not use a legal product in your own home.

This is how it starts, folks. They will roll out this regulation in public housing, and then we will see increasing pressure to ban smoking in all multifamily housing. So if you are not in a position to own a home and you are in an apartment, the Obama administration will tell you what legal products you may or may not consume. Do not worry, homeowners - your time will come soon enough.

Does the Obama administration have the legal authority to do this? Considering this is government-owned housing, I do not see a reason why not. But this is a dramatic nanny-state overreach into someone's private living space. This sets a dangerous precedent that will be used to take away all sorts of liberties.

What are we going to see next from Barack Obama? Will alcohol consumption be banned in public housing, even when done responsibly? Will junk food be banned? Will there be a mandated regular exercise regimen for tenants? How much control over people's private lives is enough for Barack Obama?

Folks, this is insane. This is why Barack Obama needs to be a one term President. His vision of a all-powerful government running our lives is foreign to the values this nation was founded to protect. Four more years of Barack Obama will bring more regulation, more taxes, and more intrusions into our lives. This is only the beginning.