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Richard Mourdock's visit to Bloomington

By Scott Tibbs, November 1, 2012

Richard Mourdock stopped by Monroe County Republican Party headquarters on October 27 and addressed a large crowd of local Republicans and College Republicans who are all excited about making Barack Obama a one-term President. As Mourdock spoke, his devotion to saving this country was obvious.

As state treasurer, Mourdock has been part of the Republican leadership team that has made Indiana a national leader. Mourdock pointed out that Mitch Daniels came into office facing a deficit, and now Indiana is not only one of two sates in the black, but Hoosier taxpayers will see some of our money come back when we file our taxes.

Contrast the Republican leadership in Indiana with Obama's "leadership" nationally. The Democrat-controlled U.S. Senate has not passed a budget in three years and we have added over $5 trillion in debt during Obama's presidency. Obama's reckless and irresponsible spending has put our great nation on the path to financial collapse, and Joe Donnelly has been supporting this fiscal irresponsibility the whole time.

The fiscal mess has coincided with an economic mess. Under Obama and Donnelly, we see high unemployment that is well over 10% when you count all of the people who are underemployed or have dropped out of the workforce. Obama has promised to make sure new coal plants are not feasible - something Hoosiers should be very worried about given the importance of the coal industry to Indiana's economy.

We should also not forget about ObamaCare and the burdens it will place on business, not to mention the fact that ObamaCare's individual mandate represents a huge and unprecedented tax increase on every American. Hoosiers who cannot afford health insurance will be punished by Obama and Donnelly for being in that position.

This is why Obama and Donnelly want to make this election about social issues - both to distract from their disastrous financial and economic record as well as to distract from the Democrats' own extremist positions on social issues. After all, Barack Obama opposed legislation in the Illinois state senate that would make infanticide illegal.

We simply cannot afford four more years of Barack Obama and Joe Donnelly. When Hoosiers step into the voting booth, they will hand Indiana's Electoral College votes to Mitt Romney by a large margin. That same margin should go to Richard Mourdock so that he can provide Romney with the critical vote he needs to implement his policies.