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Barack Obama oppresses poor people

By Scott Tibbs, October 10, 2012

"Keep Obama in President, you know? He gave us a phone! He gonna do more!" - Obama supporter

A video of an Obama supporter screaming about "Obama phones" had gone viral, with conservatives mocking this woman across the blogosphere and on social media, but this brings up a much more important issue that shouldn't be swept aside by snarky comments about voters who feel entitled to whatever they can get from government. That issue is that Barack Obama does not care about the poor. He exploits and oppresses the poor for his own political gain.

"What? I thought the Democrats were advocates for the poor!"

That is simply not the case. This video represents how oppressive the welfare state is. I cannot laugh at this video. As I thought about it, I was close to weeping for this woman. She does not have hope for the future and for what she can accomplish for herself. Her dreams and ambitions are crushed, and her enthusiasm and excitement are directed toward a pathetic gift she got from the Obama regime. Not about what is best for the country, how we can balance the budget, how we can protect our nation from her enemies, or how the children of Cleveland can get a good education. It is about the Obama phone.

What Barack Obama wants is a permanent underclass stripped of their hope and dreams who will vote for him in order to keep the government benefits coming. He is not interested in upward mobility or helping people through a tough situation so they can prosper later. He is interested in a government-dependent voter base that he can rely on to will deliver votes to him election after election. If their lives get better and they are no longer dependent on government, they may vote on matters other than what they can get, and that may not work in Obama's favor. That is why the poor must be kept poor in perpetuity. It is a sick agenda.

In fairness to Obama, this has been going on long before he became President, and to some extent before he was even born. Remember "the ponytail guy" asking in 1992 how the President could see us as his children and take care of us? Bill Clinton loved that and ate it up. But while this oppression of the poor is not new, Obama has embraced and accelerated this process and has exploited it to the greatest extent possible for political gain. Obama should be embarrassed to see this video and to see this is what some of his supporters think of him - but this is exactly what he wants to see. That is just sad.