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Fact: Obama owns the budget deficit

By Scott Tibbs, October 8, 2012

There is no doubt among serious people that Barack Obama is responsible for an unprecedented amount of debt that threatens our future as a nation. The financial disaster that Obama has inflicted on America is well-documented, so it is amazing to see Obama's groupies rush to his defense and screech "liar" when someone calls out Obama's reckless and irresponsible spending. How can you make this "argument" with a straight face? Let's review the budget deficits since 2001, the last year with a surplus. (2012 is estimated.)

2012 -1,326,948

You will notice that the deficit was going down under a Republican Congress, with the last budget passed by Republicans bringing us a $160 billion deficit. Then Democrats took over and the restraints on spending were gone.

And this is where Obama groupies start screeching "lie" and "liar" as loud as they can, blaming the 2009 budget on George W. Bush. Obama groupies forget several very important things. First, Obama voted for the 2009 budget. Second, Obama signed his failed "economic stimulus" package of over $800 billion in 2009. Third, Obama signed an omnibus spending bill of $400 billion in March of 2009. Every bit of this is public record.

Folks, we cannot keep doing this if we want America to survive, or at least survive in a way we would recognize instead of as a broken shell of a once-great nation. Prior to Barack Obama taking office, we never had a budget deficit over $500 billion. Since Obama has been in office, we have had a trillion dollars added to what would already be incredibly high budget deficits. We're headed for a financial collapse if we do not take a radically different path from the one Obama has led us down. According to Obama's own historical tables at WhiteHouse.gov, he will have added over $5 trillion (with a T) to the national debt by the end of his first term. This is unsustainable.

Does the American public want to save Social Security and Medicare? Does the American public want to preserve the programs they like? If that is the case, we cannot re-elect Obama, because "four more years" would lead to financial collapse. If the American economy collapses under the weight of Obama's crushing national debt, the entire world will follow and we will have a worldwide depression. The future of the world literally rests on how the 2012 election turns out. I may be less than pleased with how aggressive Mitt Romney will be in restoring fiscal sanity, but he will at least apply the brakes. Obama will hit the gas to speed us toward the cliff even faster.