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Voting for a real conservative in District 60

By Scott Tibbs, October 5, 2012

Peggy Welch has campaigned for 14 years as a conservative Democrat, which has been necessary for her to win in a Republican district. Voters in the new District 60 should be careful not to be fooled by these claims.

First, Welch is a Democrat from Bloomington. As such, she aligns herself with the most liberal elements of Bloomington's Democratic Party - the same political party that has proudly and enthusiastically funded Planned Parenthood with local tax dollars year after year for 13 years now. How conservative can someone be who is a Bloomington Democrat?

When push came to shove in 2011 and the Democrats decided to petulantly shut down legislative work by fleeing to Urbana, Illinois, Welch obeyed the orders of Pat Bauer and the teachers union and joined the Democrats. Welch blocked further legislative work by denying a quorum - an antidemocratic stalling tactic that eventually forced the House leadership to fine the Democrats who refused to show up for work.

According to Advance America's 2010 voting record (http://www.advanceamerica.com/pdf/VotingRecord2010.pdf) Welch voted for legislation that would have removed protection for taxpayers by requiring a referendum for a publicly funded construction project. This is not the record of a conservative.