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Someone forgot to tell the terrorists

By Scott Tibbs, October 4, 2012

"War as a resolution of conflict is an obsolete idea." -- Nancy Pelosi on the Rachel Maddow show, 9/26/2012

The above quote by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi illustrates how dangerous much of the Democratic Party is to our national security. This comes just two weeks after the preplanned terrorist attacks on our consulate in Libya and the assassination of our ambassador, which saw an utterly shameful and cowardly reaction by Barack Obama. Instead of vowing to get justice against the terrorists and condemning the terrorists in no uncertain terms, Obama begged the terrorists not to blame him or the U.S. government for a controversial anti-Islam video posted to YouTube months ago. Obama then used his power as President to try to get the video censored.

I've driven this point into the ground, but this needs to be repeated again. The terrorist attack in Libya and the riots across the Muslim world had absolutely nothing to do with the YouTube video. The video was an excuse for the riots, not a reason for them. Had the video never been made, the terrorists would have fabricated some other "reason" to engage in mindless destruction and murder. This is about enforcing Sharia law worldwide and making all criticism of Islam and the "prophet" Mohammed illegal.

The reason Pelosi's statement is so incredibly foolish is that someone forgot to tell the terrorists. Pelosi's statement was made in a discussion of the war in Afghanistan. I would hope that the former Speaker of the House is not really this shockingly ignorant that she does not know this, but we were attacked on September 11, 2001.

Terrorists committed an act of war by hijacking airplanes and crashing them into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. A fourth plane would likely have crashed into the White House had the passengers on that plane not fought with the terrorists and prevented a fourth attack. I am literally stunned that some people are so dim-witted that I actually have to write this reminder!

No, Ms. Pelosi, war is not "an obsolete idea." It is unfortunate, but sometimes war is necessary to fight the evil that exists in this world. War should be the last resort, and all efforts should be made to avoid war. I am greatly troubled by the use of "war" imagery in matters of law enforcement and we are often too war-happy in this culture. But the fact of the matter is that there are evil regimes, there are terrorists, and there are pirates who need to be fought and defeated. War will never be obsolete as long as there is evil in this world - and there will always be evil in this world. It is stupid, foolish and dangerous to think otherwise.

Barack Obama needs to answer for this, and Mitt Romney needs to aggressively challenge Obama for his own views on Pelosi's foolishness. Does Obama believe that "war as a resolution of conflict is an obsolete idea?" Is Obama willing to denounce Nancy Pelosi's worldview and dangerous and stupid just eleven years removed from 9/11? Let's be honest - there is virtually no difference between Pelosi and Obama on ideology or governing philosophy.

The Romney campaign needs to wrap Pelosi around Obama's neck and demonstrate that this foolishness, combined with Obama siding with the terrorists against free speech, is far too dangerous to continue. This is the opening to convince the American people that Obama is not fir to be President - and never was.