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Mitt Romney and abortion in the case of rape

By Scott Tibbs, September 20, 2012

A few weeks ago, Mike Adams wrote a column in which he explained why abortion opponents must not make an exception for rape and incest. Then he said the following about Mitt Romney's position allowing for these exceptions:

This is not a sound position for a committed conservative. Nor is it a sound position for a committed Mormon. It is evidence of deep moral confusion and chronic moral capitulation.

Romney's position is not unusual. Our last two Republican Presidents - George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush - allowed for this exception, as did failed candidates John McCain and Bob Dole.

Allowing for an exception for rape is the position of someone who opposes abortion but has not deeply considered it and why it must be opposed. Allowing for a rape exception is also the position of someone who does understand it but is a coward, unwilling to stand on principle for the fear of what will be said about him. You can decide for yourself which one fits Romney.

But please, let us not forget two very important things.

First, banning abortion but allowing exceptions for rape and incest would ban well over 95% of all abortions. That is certainly better than 1.2 million murders per year, protected by our corrupt legal system. Sixty thousand murders per year is still far too many, but, again, it is better than 1.2 million.

Second, we have to consider our opposition. Barack Obama is so deranged that he actually supports infanticide. He voted against banning it when he served in the Illinois state legislature. That is also not the position of a Christian, and we know from his stance that Obama is not a Christian. Obama's deranged stance in abortion demonstrates that he actually worships the demon Molech.

I said when the Todd Akin controversy erupted that the rape exception is a distraction, used to hide the fact that the vast majority of abortions are elective abortions and not the "hard cases."

But while we should not allow the Left to distract us from the main issue (especially given their deranged pro-infanticide candidate) we should not distract ourselves either. Pro-life activists hold deep convictions about preventing the loss of innocent life even in the case of rape and have problems with Mitt Romney because of it.

I've been involved in the anti-abortion movement for 16 years. I vehemently disagree with Romney's stance on exceptions, but that will not prevent me from voting for him. Romney's position on abortion will save over one million lives annually if it is ever implemented into law. Let's not be foolish and throw away the whole loaf because we are only getting 95% of what we want.