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Murder is never the solution to our problems

By Scott Tibbs, August 29, 2012

It would have been better if Lynn Beisner's mother had taken a claw hammer and bashed her skull in when she was five weeks old. A month-old baby sleeps a lot, so the fatal beating could have started when she was asleep and she never would have known the difference. It would have allowed her mother more opportunities in life and would have spared Beisner a lifetime of abuse and suffering.

I discovered Beiser's depraved rant though listening to the BBC, and the premise of her column is quite frankly evil.

I bypassed gestation altogether in my hypothetical scenario so that I could focus on the primary issue of abortion, the issue which makes all other arguments secondary. Is the fetus a human being or not? It is an nonviable tissue mass that we should not regard as worthy of protection, or are we dealing with a little boy or girl made in the image of Almighty God, who forbids the destruction of that tiny person?

With a five week old baby, we know that we have a person and we instinctively know that bashing this baby's head in with a claw hammer is evil. (Well, most of us do. Certain "college professors" such as Peter Singer have not figured that out yet.) But with abortion, most people see it as a little more nebulous. We have taken the murder of 1,200,000 people every year and made it very antiseptic, hiding it behind the walls of a "medical procedure" and lying to ourselves about the reality of abortion. This way, we can see, hear or speak no evil and feel no pangs of conscience about what is happening all around us.

Again, the key issue is whether we are dealing with a person or a nonviable tissue mass. If the former, what is the difference between an abortion and my claw hammer scenario? There is none.

Beiser explained to the BBC that the reason she wrote her personal story of self-loathing is that the pro-abortion movement needs to counter the personal stories that abortion opponents are using with their own stories of why abortion would have been better.

But do we really know her mom's life would have been better had she aborted her daughter? Are we sure she would not have been exploited and abused? Are we sure that she would have gone to college and been in a stronger financial position? Do we know she would have had other children when she was "ready" and given those children a better life? No, all of that is 100% pure speculation. It is more likely that her life would not have been much different, other than having blood on her hands and conscience.

The pro-abortion movement is a damnable lie. It pretends to want to "liberate" women by giving them the "choice" to murder their children. That is no choice at all - it is bondage.