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Thoughts on John Gregg's choice for his running mate

By Scott Tibbs, May 29, 2012

So John Gregg has picked Vi Simpson as his running mate. On his web site, Gregg claims to be a "pro-life Democrat." Why, then, would Gregg pick someone who is so strongly in favor of abortion rights (and someone who has spoken at abortion-rights rallies) as his running mate? A liberal Democrat from Bloomington, Mr. Gregg? Really? What are you thinking? This certainly undermines Gregg's claim to be "pro-life."

This only helps Mike Pence, and this is looking like a very good year for Republicans.

This also helps Reid Dallas, who does not have to unseat an incumbent state senator.

It will be interesting to see who the Democrats pick to take Simpson's spot on the ballot. Peggy Welch is likely to lose her seat to Peggy Mayfield in the newly-redrawn District 60, but the Democratic Party's base in Bloomington has been unhappy with Welch for years for her votes against abortion and homosexual marriage. The base could revolt if Welch is moved up to the state senate race instead of reliable liberal Matt Pierce. Losing the incumbent in the heavily Democratic District 61 will not matter, and the Democrats will hold that seat regardless.

But for lieutenant governor, Welch would have been a better fit with the views Gregg claims to hold and would play better with conservative Hoosier voters. It is telling that Gregg picked Simpson instead of Welch. This sends a signal to Indiana voters that Gregg is out of the mainstream.