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Endorsements for the 2012 primary

By Scott Tibbs, May 7, 2012

Tomorrow is the primary election, as Hoosiers go to the polls to select candidates for office for the two parties. I am a Republican, and I already voted a few weeks ago. I have a couple endorsements below.

President: The reality is that Mitt Romney is for all intents and purposes the Republican nominee, and I will vote for him in November. But Romney is not the best candidate the Republicans had this year. I sent a message to the Republican establishment by voting for Rick Santorum. We need a strong conservative who will take the fight to Obama, and Romney needs to stick with the conservative principles he articulated in the primary.

US Senator: "It's time." Richard Lugar has betrayed conservative principles too many times, and the fact that he won't commit to supporting the Republican ticket if he loses demonstrates his childishness. Republicans have an opportunity ot replace Lugar with a truly conservative alternative, Richard Mourdock. Whoever wins will likely roll to victory in November in a ticket with Mike Pence leading the way and facing an opponent who won with a plurality in 2010 after the majority of voters in his district voted to replace him.

It will be interesting to see the turnout numbers later this week. Democrats have several contested races for local government, while Republicans have only the county council race with four candidates running for three spots on the ballot. The county council race on the Democratic side should be interesting, with two former at-large council members trying to unseat the three incumbents. The Presidential race is all but over, but the US Senate race may motivate Republicans to turn out - and may motivate some Democrats to jump over and vote for Lugar.

The most amusing comment on local elections was a comment by an anonymous troll on Herald-Times Online regarding my race for precinct committeeman: "That should bring some real fear in your county if he got elected." This individual is generally hysterical, paranoid and continually angry, but to suggest people should have cause to "fear" if I got elected to a position with no real authority is laughable.