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We must also oppose chemical abortion

By Scott Tibbs, February 13, 2012

As pro-lifers, we have been speaking against the shedding of innocent blood in America's abortion clinics for decades. We have used pictures to demonstrate the horror of surgical abortions and we have protested outside the buildings (such as the one at 421 South College Avenue) where the abortionist kills babies by dismemberment for profit. But we are leaving out a huge number of lives snuffed out by chemical birth control, and many sincere opponents of surgical abortion are completely ignorant of the prevalence of chemical abortion.

The Catholic church gets it, while most Protestants do not - and I am speaking as a Protestant. There is a conspiracy of silence in the church, where Christians are willingly ignorant of how the birth control pill (much less "emergency contraception") operates.

Meanwhile, pastors and church officers (if they even know the truth) carefully avoid preaching on the issue. These church leaders are complicit in the deaths of untold numbers and given the position of authority they possess over God's flock they should be terrified of the warning God gives us in Proverbs 24:11-12 as He warns us to rescue those being led away to death: "Will He not repay everyone according to what they have done?"

Before we go farther, we have to establish some basic biological facts. Human life begins at fertilization. There is simply no other point where this can happen. When the sperm and egg join, a new person is created with a completely new DNA code distinct from the mother and father. What is added from that point onward is nutrition and shelter, as the new baby grows and develops. (In the case of human cloning, an embryo created by mad scientists in a laboratory should also be considered a person.)

But one of the actions of the birth control pill is to make the wall of the uterus inhospitable to the embryo, preventing implantation and starving the new human being to death. This is much more common in the case of so-called "emergency contraception." But EC is not contraception at all: It is birth control and the two are not the same. If we want to be honest, so-called "emergency contraception" is really a form of chemical abortion.

So where do we go from here? As with other social reform movements to get justice for the oppressed, this must start in the church and in the pulpit. Christians must be taught that chemical birth control can act as an abortifacient and should be avoided by Christians. After all, once a human being is created, that boy or girl bears the image of God and we dishonor our Father in Heaven by knowingly preventing that life from growing.

Then, we need to move beyond and protect those lives that are created by non-Christians. Just as we do not exempt non-Christians from murder laws, we should not exempt the pagan world from our efforts to save those lives eradicated by chemical birth control.

While they will occasionally be honest about how chemical birth control works, Planned Parenthood and their allies have in the past attempted to deny the abortifacient effects of chemical birth control. One of the wonderful things about the "personhood" amendment that unfortunately failed in Mississippi in 2011 was that abortion-rights activists were finally forced to admit that chemical birth control can kill babies in the very first stages of life by preventing implantation, so they screeched loudly that the law could actually ban the birth control pill. This created a wonderful opportunity to educate people, but we have failed to take that opportunity.

The enemies of God are marching in the other direction. President Barack Obama is working to force explicitly Christian organizations to provide chemical birth control to their employees through his health care "reform" law. They are attempting to force their own religion on us and make us accept chemical birth control as moral. We must resist this by all non-violent means necessary, including simply refusing to comply with the law. After all, the Apostles gave us an example when they said we ought to obey God rather than men. (Acts 5:29)

This will not be easy. Fighting for justice and protecting the innocent has never been easy. Our enemies will scoff, mock and ridicule us. They will call us extremists and insane. They may become violent against us, and they have. They will use every legal tool available to silence and stop our efforts to protect the innocent.

But we must fight, and we must obey God.