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Abortion in the case of rape

Bloomington Herald-Times, November 17, 2012. (Comments.)

To the editor:

If abortion is banned, should there be an exception for pregnancies caused by rape? We have seen much debate about this in recent months. I respectfully submit that our focus is wrong. The question is not whether there should be an exception for rape.

The question is whether abortion should be banned at all. That question can only be answered by understanding what the fetus actually is.

If the fetus us a human being with an inalienable right to life, then we cannot allow abortion. Morally speaking, the willful and intentional termination of that life is murder.

If abortion is murder, then it is simply not logical to allow an unborn baby to be executed for the crimes of his or her father, just as it would be illogical to allow five year old children to be executed for the crimes of their fathers.

Biology tells us that the fetus is a separate organism from the mother. We know from ultrasounds as well as photographs of aborted fetuses that it is a human being.

God says in Jeremiah 32:35 that infant sacrifice is so evil it never entered His mind. What would He say about the millions killed by abortion?

Scott Tibbs.