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The Herald-Times should apologize to Doug Wilson

Published in the Herald-Times, April 21, 2012. (Comments)

To the editor:

When the Herald-Times published a shamefully dishonest hit piece on Pastor Doug Wilson, Mike Leonard transcribed an attack from the Southern Poverty Law Center, taking quotes from Wilson's book out of context. Let's examine some other quotes from Wilson's book:

  • "One cannot defend the abuse some slaves had to endure. None can excuse the immorality some masters and overseers indulged in with some slave women."
  • "We have no interest in defending the racism (in both the North and the South) which was often seen as the basic justification for the system, and we do in fact condemn it most heartily."
  • "All forms of race hatred or racial vainglory are forms of rebellion against God."

In the comments for Leonard's article, I said he "should not have been permitted to write this article. He has a long history of very loud opinions on social issues and hostility to conservative Christians. "

Wilson confirmed on Twitter at 12:20 AM on April 7 that Leonard didn't bother contacting him for this front-page story. This is because Leonard had absolutely no interest in the truth. His only interest was in smearing a conservative Christian.

The Herald-Times owes Doug Wilson an apology!

Scott Tibbs.