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Pro-abortion terrorists attack peaceful pro-life demonstrators

By Scott Tibbs, January 30, 2012

Last week, I criticized the immature response of pro-abortion demonstrators who showed up at the Rally for Life, carrying signs such as "free vasectomies for pro-lifers" and trying to shout down our speakers. Had that been the extent of their childish behavior, that would have been fine. But on January 26, pro-abortion radicals, wearing bandannas to hide their faces, committed an act of terrorism in front of the Planned Parenthood clinic.

While abortion opponents were peacefully picketing Planned Parenthood and trying to convince the women going into the clinic not to kill their children, pro-abortion terrorists arrived with water balloons and threw the balloons and chunks of ice melt at the pro-life demonstrators. It is interesting that they targeted a woman and a black man, suggesting racist and misogynistic motives for the attack in addition to a political motive.

And yes, this absolutely is terrorism. The use of violence to achieve a political end is by definition an act of terrorism. The purpose of this criminal act was to intimidate and threaten those who were peacefully exercising their First Amendment rights to speak on an issue of public debate. The purpose was to use violence and threats of violence to prevent people from expressing a position the pro-abortion extremists dislike.

Of course, pro-abortion trolls on HeraldTimesOnline immediately defended the terrorists and said they should not have even been arrested. One pro-abortion troll suggested pro-lifers deserve "far worse" and another suggested they should have used condoms instead.

Imagine for a moment that people picketing Planned Parenthood had thrown water balloons and chunks of ice melt at clinic escorts. Imagine for a moment that anti-abortion extremists had thrown water balloons and chunks of ice melt at people attending an abortion rights rally at City Hall.

The Left would be hysterically screeching and shrieking about "anti-abortion terrorists" and there would be calls for government action. The very same pro-abortion trolls (who hide behind fake names like spineless, sniveling pathetic cowards) would be hysterically denouncing the anti-abortion violence and each and every one of them knows it. They are two-faced, fork-tongued hypocrites!

Action needs to be taken to punish these terrorists to the fullest extent of the law. Prosecutor Chris Gaal (a Democrat who voted to fund Planned Parenthood with tax dollars while he was a City Councilor every year from 2000 to 2006) needs to aggressively pursue charges against these terrorists to see they are punished.

But that is not enough. Federal action needs to be taken as well. These people need to be prosecuted by federal prosecutors under terrorism statutes. The Obama Justice Department needs to show that it takes terrorism seriously and will not tolerate the use of violence and intimidation to prevent people from exercising their free speech rights under the First Amendment. Both Obama and Gaal need to make an example of these people by punishing them to the fullest extent of the law.

But that is not enough. Bloomington claims to be a "safe and civil city." Both the Bloomington City Council and the Monroe County Council need to pass resolutions condemning this act of terrorism in the strongest terms and naming it as terrorism. The resolution should also call for everyone involved in the abortion debate to refrain from violence.

It should be pointed out that the only violence that has taken place outside of Bloomington's abortion mill (to say nothing of the hundreds murdered inside that damnable building) has been perpetrated by pro-abortion extremists, and this is not the first time that peaceful abortion opponents have been attacked. It is time to draw a very clear line in the sand and send a message that this will not be tolerated.

Much like the Earth Liberation Front terrorists a decade ago, the pro-abortion terrorists who perpetrated the crimes on Thursday have done more damage to their cause than their opponents could have done in a century of activism.. When will Bloomington's radical fringe Leftists learn that violence in pursuit of political ends (also known as terrorism) is not only wicked, but incredibly destructive to the very cause they advance?