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God will judge Penn State "University"

By Scott Tibbs, December 5, 2011

The Penn State "University" sex abuse scandal was a failure and a betrayal on every possible level. Fundamentally, it is a scandal of idol worship, as everyone involved abandoned the One True God to play the whore with other false gods - and those folks are in fact worshiping demons. (1 Corinthians 10:20-21)

First, the Penn State "students" who engaged in a pagan ritual following Joe Paterno's termination are despicable. The "students" rioted when they learned that Paterno was fired. This reminded me of the Muslim terrorists who rioted at the disrespect of the Muslim "prophet" Mohammed in newspaper cartoons. I actually have exponentially more respect for the Muslim terrorists than the Penn State "students" though, because (while their religion is false) the Muslim terrorists are at least rioting in defense of their god's honor, instead of something so meaningless as college football.

Second, I became filled with rage when I learned of the rape victim who was forced to change high schools because he was being bullied by "students" who blamed him for Paterno's termination. It blows my mind in the age of Columbine that this type of thing would take place and would not be immediately stopped by the school. This teenager has been brutally tortured. How much would it take for him to snap and make the bullies pay in blood? Obviously, that would be a wicked thing to do, but would it surprise anyone?

Third, Joe Paterno, the assistant coach who caught Jerry Sandusky brutally raping a child, and the other authorities failed miserably in not going to law enforcement with this criminal behavior. As men in positions of authority, they are charged by God to defend those who cannot defend themselves. In covering for Sandusky, they abandoned their God-given responsibility and our Father in Heaven will judge them harshly for what they failed to do. Instead of protecting God's children, they protected the football program at Penn State "University." It is clear what god they worship.

Fourth, while the primary failure was to the victims a predatory coach, those in authority at Penn State "University" also failed Sandusky. The most hateful thing that anyone could have done to Sandusky was cover up his crimes. If he is confronted with his crimes, he at least has the opportunity to repent and be forgiven, having his sins washed away by the blood of Jesus Christ. Those who covered for him are damning him to eternal torment in Hell fire. There's nothing more hateful than that. Now that his crimes have been revealed, he has the opportunity to repent, though all indications are that he stiffened his neck and refuses to do so. God will deal with him. (Proverbs 29:1)

Fifth, let's not forget the culpability of our own city and county leaders in a similar scandal. In 2010, the Democrats on the Monroe County Council and Bloomington City Council voted to give thousands of dollars to Planned Parenthood to that PP could provide birth control to girls as young as 13 years old. It is a felony for anyone to have sexual relations with anyone 13 or younger, and a pregnancy is prima facie evidence that a felony has taken place. The Monroe County Democratic Party is spending tax dollars to help sexual predators cover up felonies.

May God have mercy upon us, by bringing conviction and causing this city and county to turn to Him for forgiveness.