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Santorum needs to stop whining about his "Google problem"

By Scott Tibbs, September 26, 2011

There is a time in politics when you need to defend yourself and counterattack against your opponent. There is also a time when you need to shut up and not be drawn into the fight your opponent is trying to start. By getting into that fight, you are distracted from your own message and it often makes you look bad.

Such is the case with Rick Santorum, the Republican candidate for President who has a "Google problem." According to Politico, It started a few years ago, when militant homosexual Dan Savage "organized an online campaign to link graphic sexual terms to the socially conservative senator's name."

Basically, Santorum is being trolled by a bunch of immature brats who do not have the intellectual capacity or emotional stability to engage him in the arena of ideas. Because they cannot deal with his stances on their merits, they have to engage in juvenile trolling behavior that would be frowned on by most 8th grade boys.

Let me be clear. I think it would be awesome if Santorum was a top-tier candidate in the GOP presidential nomination sweepstakes. He is a solid conservative with a record of getting things done. I'm supporting Texas governor Rick Perry, but I would be thrilled with Santorum as the nominee. But that is shaken when he says things like this.

Santorum looks like a thin-skinned crybaby when he demands that Google remove offensive content from their search results. He needs to shut up about this and stop whining because it makes him look completely unpresidential. Whining always hurts candidates.

Taking on cultural rot resonates with the Republican base is a smart move for Republicans, especially in the primaries where the base has more influence. Sitting in the corner and sobbing because you're being trolled by a bunch of intellectually deficient and emotionally unstable Leftists resonates with no one and raises questions about whether you are prepared to be the President of the United States.