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My position is and has always been that tax cuts create jobs

By Scott Tibbs, September 19, 2011

Last week, I said that two specific tax credits posed by President Obama would do nothing to create jobs. My political enemies have jumped on this statement and are now claiming that I said tax cuts do not stimulate economic growth.

That is a damnable lie. I never said any such thing, and my political enemies know it.

What I actually said is that these two specific tax credits will do nothing to stimulate job growth, and I gave my reasons for that position. But criticism of these two specific tax credits is not a blanket, universal criticism of or opposition to all tax cuts. The only people who would argue otherwise are shameless liars.

I do not support Obama's proposal to implement piddly, meaningless targeted tax credits that do not provide nearly enough financial incentive to hire new workers.

I said last week that this proposal demonstrates that Obama "has no clue how business works." But there is a more sinister and cynical interpretation of why the President proposed this foolishness. It is entirely possible that Obama is proposing meaningless, tiny and ineffective tax credits that he knows will fail. Then, when his policy fails as it is intended to fail, Obama can gloat and claim that tax cuts are ineffective.

My position is and has always been that legitimate tax cuts create jobs. My record is clear that I believe tax rates should be reduced in order to create jobs. My position is and has always been that we need across-the-board reductions in tax rates - for corporations, individuals and capital gains.

I said on December 7, 2010 that "We should not be taking more money out of the private sector, when it could be used for investing and creating jobs." I said on September 29, 2010 that "If we increase taxes at this time, we will discourage investment and job creation." I could cite many more examples.

But the real kicker is my post on October 22, 2009, when I said "We need to reduce the tax burden on business so it is easier to invest and create jobs."

The very same person who is leading the charge of Leftists falsely accusing me of saying tax cuts do not create jobs threw a hysterical temper tantrum on a local forum over that post, because I dared point out that the Community Reinvestment Act contributed to the 2008 economic collapse. He accused me of "trying to blame the global economic collapse on feckless black people" said that I was an "inveterate racist."

There is no question he knows my position on tax cuts. He's simply making things up for the sole purpose of attacking me. It is shameful that someone of such low moral character would be appointed by the Monroe County Council to serve on the Economic Development Commission. He should be removed from that position at the first opportunity. The people of Monroe County need to know that those who serve on boards and commissions are honest and trustworthy, and this individual has proven over and over again that he is a shameless liar.

This is exactly why people are fed up with politics and why they don't trust politicians. Instead of actually engaging the ideas presented, political hacks shamelessly lie and distort statements made by their enemies. Average citizens understandably throw up their hands and assume everyone involved in politics is corrupt. When objective truth is murdered and replaced with subjective spin based on the partisan affiliation of the person making the argument, who can blame the average person for being fed up with politics?